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MPee3 is Revolutionizing MP3 Downloading

MPee3 takes the most basic Internet service, a search engine, and applies it to MP3 (MPEG2-Layer3 Audio) files. The result is a search engine dedicated exclusively to searching MP3 files, allowing end users to locate and download MP3s quickly and efficiently.

The site also has directories of MP3-related content such as bands, shopping sites, online radio, tutorials, portable media players, encoders, and software for every major operating system. However, the engine prohibits listings for hacking, porn and gambling sites, which are commonly found on many "underground" MP3 download directories.

"Our search engine draws from a database of millions of legally downloadable MP3 files," says Stephen M. Noton, President of the MPee3 Corporation.

"Unlike many other MP3 services that charge a membership fee and collect personal information which could be used to trace your online activity, at MPee3 you can download MP3 files without providing any personal details, preserving your privacy."

MPee3 Milestones

June 2004

- Formation of the MPee3 Corporation
- Headoffice established on the 5th floor of the Hughes Center
- Filed for the MPee3 trademark

July 2004
- Official Launch of
- MPee3 seen in the College Music Scene edition of RollingStone

August 2004
- PC World reviews MPee3
- FastClick approves MPee3 into its publisher program

September 2004
- AOL & MPee3 start talks about partnering to distribute music
- Over 1 million MP3 downloads
- Database grows to include Audiophilez, eMP3Finder, Lycos and MultiMediaSearch

October 2004
- Google contacts MPee3 to aid in its Adwords Advertising
- Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce welcomes MPee3 to its membership

November 2004
- reviews and lists MPee3
- Version 2.0 of live
- MPee3 attends WW Search Conference

December 2004
- ValueClick accepts MPee3 into its publisher program

MPee3 Corporation's Office MPee3 Corporation
5th Floor Hughes Center
3960 Howard Hughes Pkwy
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Phone (702) 990-3949
Fax (702) 974-3949

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MPee3's Server Room

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